5 Best IEMs under $50 (2024)

As we had already created a list of iems under hundred dollars we decided to have a list of best iem under $50 because of lots of demand scene in past years for IEMs, you can also see why iems are rising in popularity.

This article has arranged iem under $20 which are mostly those don’t have detachable cables, but we added them because of some more budget concerns. Considering this we also added best iem under $30 having detachable cables and having better features.

Before starting you can see below the features available in best budget iem under $50.

Features to look at:

  • Sound preferences (such as basshead, neutral, etc.).
  • Driver technologies (DD, BA, etc.),
  • Response to EQ are important considerations when choosing in-ear monitors (IEMs).
$50 Gaming Iem KZ ZS10 Pro  KZ ZS10 Pro ZS10 Pro SEE ON AMAZON
Best Under 20 Moondrop CHU II  Moondrop  CHU II SEE ON AMAZON
Bullet style under 20 Moondrop Quarks  Moondrop Quarks SEE ON AMAZON
Under 30 Linsoul Kiwi Ears Dolce Linsoul Kiwi Ears Dolce SEE ON AMAZON

Best In Ear Monitors under $50

KZ ZS10 Pro
                                                                       KZ ZS10 Pro (Image credit: Amazon)

KZ ZS10 Pro

$50 Gaming Iem

REASONS TO BUY                                                               VIEW ON AMAZON

 well-balanced signature sound.                                                                                           Read Customer Reviews

 spacious soundstage.

 Detailed audio reproduction by 5 drivers on each side.

 Ear fit comfort.

 Detachable cable


 Cord might be bit short.



ZS10 has slightly upper hand compared to Linsoul TIN Audio T2, both having same price. Other IEMs Under $50 are Tanchjim Ola and CCA C12.

The KZ  ZS10 Pro stands out as a budget-friendly in-ear monitor (IEM) with a distinctive V-shaped sound signature, prioritizing bass and treble while slightly recessing the mids. This characteristic sound profile caters to various sound preferences, and here’s a detailed breakdown of its key aspects:

The high frequencies are detailed and bright, maintaining a nuanced quality without being piercing. Importantly, this brightness does not compromise overall clarity. The midrange is characterized by clarity and crispness, ensuring that vocals sound natural and avoid congestion. This contributes to an authentic and pleasing reproduction of vocals. The low frequencies are well controlled, articulated, and balanced, steering clear of muddiness. There is an absence of distortion, and the lows maintain a balanced presence without overpowering the overall musical and vocal elements.

The  KZ model excels in isolation, providing an excellent barrier against external noise. Sound leak is minimal when compared to other in-ear monitors (IEMs), enhancing the listening experience.

In terms of sound preferences, the  ZS10 Pro offers a pronounced bass response, making it suitable for bass enthusiasts who enjoy genres like EDM and hip-hop. While not precisely neutral, the IEM’s treble boost contributes to balancing the overall sound, although the recessed mids might make vocals appear thin or distant to certain listeners. The treble boost introduces sparkle and detail but may become harsh at higher volumes.

The IEM employs a hybrid driver configuration, featuring a 10mm dynamic driver (DD) for bass and a balanced armature (BA) driver for high frequencies. This combination aims to merge the powerful bass of DD drivers with the clarity and precision of BA drivers. The BA driver enhances treble detail.

Regarding the response to EQ, the  ZS10 Pro is receptive to adjustments, allowing users to tailor the sound signature according to their preferences. EQ can be employed to control bass intensity or enhance midrange frequencies for a more balanced sound. While some  KZ models come with pre-installed EQ presets, manual adjustments are typically required for the  ZS10 Pro.

Additional considerations include the IEM’s build quality, characterized by a plastic construction and detachable cables. Although it may not exude a premium feel, the IEM is durable and lightweight, ensuring comfortable wear. Some versions of the ZS10 Pro incorporate a microphone for hands-free calling, though the sound quality is average.


Moondrop CHU II
                                                                   Moondrop  CHU II (Image credit: Amazon)

Moondrop CHU II

Best Under 20

REASONS TO BUY                                                               VIEW ON AMAZON

 Good sound quality then previous model.                                                                       Read Customer Reviews

 Comfortable fit.

 More cheap price then previous model.

 Detachable cable (not available in previous model)

 Lifespan of 9 months.


Isolation is low.



It is the best budget iem under 20, what sets it apart from its previous model is that it has the same price but comes with a more comfortable design and have detachable cable, so that you don’t have to through them becasue of damage to the cable, this time you just need to spend on new cable and save your money.

In terms of sound, the  CHU II boasts a warm and inviting signature, subtly emphasizing the bass and lower midrange. This characteristic makes it well-suited for rock, pop, and electronic music genres. The treble is well-balanced, displaying no harshness or sibilance.

Examining specific aspects:

  • Bass: The bass is punchy and well-defined, extending nicely. While not the most powerful, it proves more than sufficient for most genres.
  • Midrange: The midrange is clear and detailed, with a notable vocal presence. Instruments are accurately represented, providing a good sense of space and separation.
  • Treble: The treble is smooth and extended, devoid of harshness or sibilance. While not overly analytical, it remains detailed enough for a wide range of genres.

The build quality of the  CHU II is characterized by a plastic construction with a detachable cable. Although it may lack a premium feel, it compensates with durability and a lightweight design, ensuring comfortable wear.

Speaking of comfort, the  CHU II excels in this aspect, offering extended comfort for wearers. The small and lightweight earpieces, coupled with various ear tips, contribute to finding the perfect fit.

In terms of value for money, the CHU II proves to be an excellent choice. It combines good sound quality, comfort, and build quality at a very affordable price point.


Moondrop Quarks
                                                         Moondrop Quarks Quarks (Image credit: Amazon)

Moondrop Quarks

Bullet style under 20


The  Moondrop Quark boasts a modest design, lightweight and compact nature of these “quarks” suggests their suitability for sleep, especially for side sleepers, as they remain virtually imperceptible when pressed against a pillow. The physical attributes of an in-ear monitor (IEM) often shape its practical use, and the Quark’s diminutive build aligns well with a focus on comfort.

In terms of sound, the Quark’s profile centers around its mids, delivering a natural and organic tone that mirrors the essence of  Moondrop’s flagship models. Described as neutral but better termed as natural, the  Quarks offer a wholesome sound akin to a naive child with a spirited heart.

While lacking the intricate features of their adult counterparts, the  Quarks excel in providing a genuine and heartfelt audio experience.

The mids take the spotlight in this IEM, creating a comfortable listening experience at higher volumes. The “n-shaped” spectrum allows for elevated volumes without discomfort, with the high-mids benefitting from slight adjustment. The highs, while not overtly recessed, maintain a subtle presence, contributing a delicate touch to the overall sound. The bass response, although lacking in sub-bass extension, delivers a rounded and bouncy feel, particularly in the mid-bass.

The notable strength lies in the coherence of the entire sound spectrum, contributing to a homogenous sound that remains pleasant during extended listening sessions.

While not anticipating significant technical prowess, the Quark pleasantly surprises with a roomy soundstage, creating a cozy auditory experience reminiscent of a small room. The circular-shaped stage envelops the listener, offering a comfortable and immersive sensation.

Convincing imaging ensures the distinct presence of each instrument, contributing to the overall comfort of the sound signature. Detailing, especially in the mids, is commendable for the price, making the Quark a suitable choice for budget-conscious audiophiles seeking a genuine and enjoyable listening experience.


Linsoul Kiwi Ears Dolce
                                                             Linsoul Kiwi Ears Dolce (Image credit: Amazon)

Linsoul Kiwi Ears Dolce

Under 30


No neutral sound signature. (Depend on preferences)


The Kiwi Ears Dolce, priced at $25, stands out in the budget IEM market with its 10mm dynamic driver featuring an innovative composite diaphragm. The capsules are made of 3D printed medical-grade resin, offering a lightweight and comfortable design.

The detachable cable, with a 2Pin 0.78mm QDC connection, is constructed with high-purity OCC copper.

Ergonomically, the Dolce excels with its immediate and secure fit, making it suitable for daily use, including sports. In terms of sound, it leans towards a slightly brighter V-shape, displaying good linearity in the bass.

The mid-range exhibits a balance, emphasizing voices, yet lacks weight in the lower frequencies, leading to a sense of hollowness. The Dolce manages sibilance well, maintaining a sweet and harmonious character.

Treble is present with good extension, brightness, and a touch of subtlety, fitting the overall sweet character. The soundstage is frontal with acceptable laterality and depth, while the separation is hindered by limitations in resolution and definition.

Despite these constraints, the Dolce offers a pleasant and balanced sound signature for its budget, providing an entry point into the audiophile world.


                                                                         BLON BL03 (Image credit: Amazon)


Under 40


The BLON-03 in-ear monitors (IEMs) have generated significant excitement in the audio community, and after spending considerable time with them, it’s time to share insights. These compact IEMs deliver impressive clarity, courtesy of the 8mm dynamic driver that ensures a pristine listening experience.

The ergonomic design ensures a secure and comfortable fit, making them ideal for extended listening sessions. Additionally, their lightweight build prevents discomfort, eliminating the need for constant readjustment.

In terms of value for money, the BLON-03 excels, providing a high-quality sound experience without breaking the bank. Their warmish sound signature makes them versatile across various music genres, offering a balanced performance suitable for both energetic and mellow tracks.

However, a notable downside is the cable that comes with the BLON-03, which could benefit from an upgrade due to its somewhat flimsy nature. It might be worthwhile to invest in a sturdier alternative.

For bass enthusiasts seeking earth-shattering lows, the BLON-03 may not be the ideal choice. While the bass is present and well-behaved, it may not satisfy those craving an intense bass experience.

In conclusion, the BLON-03 IEMs are a pleasant surprise for budget-conscious audiophiles. Their combination of clarity, comfort, and versatility exceeds expectations for their price range.



In the realm of (IEMs) under $50, several standout options cater to diverse audio preferences. The  KZ ZS10 Pro ZS10 Pro is renowned for its exceptional sound quality, boasting a balanced yet fun signature and a hybrid driver configuration.  Moondrop  CHU II surprises with its warm and inviting sound, solid build quality, and affordability.

The Kiwi Ears Dolce introduces innovation with a 10mm dynamic driver featuring an LDP diaphragm, delivering a sweet and harmonious sound in a lightweight and comfortable design. Lastly, the BLON-03 has created a buzz for its impressive clarity, versatility, and value for money, although its cable could use an upgrade.

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