How To Fix Beats Flex Not Charging? 8 Simple Fixes

How To Fix Beats Flex Not Charging

If you’re facing the frustrating problem of your Beats Flex earphones not charging, don’t worry – you’re not alone.

A variety of factors can contribute to this issue, from a faulty USB cable to firmware problems or extreme temperatures.

In this guide, we’ll explore eight simple fixes to get your Beats Flex back in action. Let’s dive into each solution to help you troubleshoot and resolve the charging problem.

First and Foremost:

Before we dive into troubleshooting your Beats Flex not charging issue, there are three important things to consider, respecting the time of our readers:

If you’ve recently purchased your Beats Flex and are already facing charging problems, it’s advisable to request a refund.

Save both your money and time. Consider exploring alternative headphones in the same price range, such as “Jabra Elite 75t” and “Shure SE215” which may offer better performance.

Typically, Beats Flex work perfectly for about 2 to 3 years. If you’ve been using them for that duration, you’ve already received good value for your money.

Attempting to fix them now may only provide a temporary solution, lasting for 1 or 2 months at best.

If you continue using them after a fix, there’s a risk of recurring issues, making it not a recommended long-term solution.

If you’ve used your Beats Flex for less than 3 years, you can explore the practical fixes mentioned below to address the charging issue.

Follow these steps to potentially revive your earphones and continue enjoying your music.

Now, let’s move on to the practical fixes for Beats Flex charging problems in simple language.

1. Clean the Charging Port:

To keep your Beats Flex charging smoothly, make sure to clean the charging port regularly. Doing this simple cleaning can really help your Beats Flex charge better.

Here’s how you can clean the charging port:

  1. Gently remove any visible dirt or debris: Use a soft, dry cloth or a soft brush to carefully clean the charging port and remove any dirt or debris that may be present.
  2. Use compressed air: If there is stubborn dirt or dust in the port, you can use compressed air to carefully blow it out.
  3. Avoid liquid and sharp objects: Do not use any liquid or cleaning products, and avoid using sharp objects or abrasive materials to clean the charging port.
  4. Ensure the port is dry before charging: After cleaning, ensure that the charging port is completely dry before attempting to charge your Beats Flex.

By following these steps, you can effectively clean the charging port of your Beats Flex and help resolve any charging issues caused by dirt or debris.

2. Check the Cable and Adapter:

Make sure your charging cable is in good shape. If you see any fraying or damage, it might cause problems with charging.

Use the original or MFi-certified cable because they work best with your device. Avoid using different cables or adapters to make sure any charging issues are not because of accessories.

3. Try a Different Power Source:

If your Beats Flex aren’t charging, try using a different USB port on your computer or laptop.

You can also use a different wall charger. Sometimes, changing where you plug in your headphones can help fix charging problems.

4. Reset Your Beats Flex:

Unexplained glitches may be at the heart of the charging problem. Execute a reset to clear any transient issues:

  • For Android users, toggle Bluetooth off and on.
  • iOS users, place your Beats Flex in your ears, double-tap the b button three times quickly, and wait for the LED light to flash white. This action often rectifies temporary glitches causing charging irregularities.

5. Update Your Firmware:

Firmware, the software that powers your Beats Flex, can sometimes be the culprit. Regularly check for firmware updates through the Beats app or website.

Keeping your firmware up-to-date not only enhances overall performance but can also address specific charging-related bugs.

6. Check for Extreme Temperatures:

The environment in which your Beats Flex resides plays a crucial role in charging efficiency.

Extreme temperatures, whether too hot or too cold, can adversely affect the charging process. Ensure your Beats Flex is stored and used in a moderate temperature environment.

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7. Hard Reset Your Beats Flex:

When all else fails, a hard reset can be a potent solution:

  • Hold down the b button and the volume down button for a count of 10 seconds.
  • Witness the LED light flash red three times followed by white once.
  • Release the buttons and patiently wait for 2 minutes for your Beats Flex to undergo a complete restart. This more forceful reset can often resolve persistent charging issues.

8. Contact Apple Support:

If your diligent efforts yield no results, it’s time to seek professional assistance. Contact Apple Support for comprehensive diagnostics and personalized guidance.

They can provide additional troubleshooting steps, or if needed, discuss potential warranty options to address any underlying hardware issues.

Bonus Tip:

While your Beats Flex are charging, resist the temptation to use them. By refraining from usage during the charging process, you can prevent unnecessary battery drain and, in turn, extend the overall lifespan of your earphones.


Troubleshooting a non-charging Beats Flex may involve a systematic approach, but armed with this comprehensive guide, you’re well-prepared to navigate the complexities of the issue.

From routine maintenance to more advanced resets, these solutions cover a wide spectrum of potential problems.

However, should you find yourself still grappling with the issue, don’t hesitate to seek the expert assistance of Apple Support.

Remember, maintaining a moderate temperature environment for your Beats Flex and abstaining from usage during charging are key practices for ensuring optimal performance and longevity.

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