Anker’s Ultimate Soundcore Space One Premium Audio Unleashed

Solid noise cancellation and impressively balanced sound make the Soundcore Space One headphones an excellent choice in the budget category.

Soundcore Space One headphones.

Why We Recommend These

We highly endorse these Soundcore Space One headphones due to Soundcore’s remarkable reputation in the realm of cost-effective audio solutions. Their range of Bluetooth speakers and headphones is renowned, and the Space One model stands out for its exceptional features, which would be remarkable even at higher price points.


+ Powerful sound and decent ANC

+ Truly excellent 40+ hour battery life

+ Fun color options



– Somewhat creaky build quality

– Carrying case not very protective

– Sound can be a bit muddy at times

Initially, the active noise cancellation demonstrated decent performance in my daily routines, although it wasn’t as effective in muting voices and louder background noises. Despite this, the sound quality remained commendable, especially given its affordability. It particularly shone with folk music mixes, delivering ample detail and a well-balanced audio experience.
Soundcore Space One headphones.
One really impressive bright spot is the battery life on offer here.
With 40 hours of listening while using active noise cancellation, the Space Ones will definitely go the distance with you. I actually found that I was trending even higher than 40 hours, with the ability to extend it even further if I left the ANC off.

I also found the color choices pretty refreshing. I got my hands on a pair of the Sky Blue colorway, which isn’t a shade I’m familiar seeing on virtually any other noise canceling headphone in the space.

It’s not all 100% positive, though. As you might expect with a budget-friendly offering, the build quality of the Space Ones is a bit plastic-y. The plush leathery pads do feel nice to wear over time, but folding and opening the headphones does feel a little creaky and may succumb to stress points over time.

Soundcore Space One headphones with cable and carrying case.

Although the inclusion of a carrying pouch is appreciated, it’s worth noting that it’s a simple neoprene-style bag, offering limited protection against heavy drops. However, these shortcomings are outweighed by the remarkably affordable price point.

In terms of recommendations, reputable sources like Sound Guys, RTINGs, and What Hi-Fi all agree on the appropriate price-to-performance ratio for a diverse range of listeners and musical genres.

Buyer feedback further confirms the appeal of the Space One headphones, with an impressive 4.5-star rating from nearly 5,000 reviews on Amazon, indicating their suitability for a wide audience.

How We Test?

While many headphone reviewers focus heavily on technical aspects such as binaural microphone setups and detailed lab testing of frequency response (as exemplified by RTINGs), I prefer a more practical approach in my reviews. For me, it’s about how well the headphones integrate into my daily life, their sound quality, comfort, and whether they meet my expectations.

When evaluating noise-canceling headphones, it’s crucial that they excel in their primary function while also offering additional features. During my testing, I took these headphones on outdoor walks amidst busy streets, on noisy commuter trains, and into office environments to assess their performance in various scenarios. Key factors I consider include adaptive noise cancellation, premium sound quality, comfort, connectivity, and reliability.

While effective noise cancellation is essential, it’s equally important how the headphones utilize the clean, quiet soundstage they create. Furthermore, there’s a plethora of additional features to consider in this category, such as premium build quality, advanced Bluetooth connectivity, companion apps for expanded functionality, unique design elements, and more.

What to Look For in Noise-Canceling Headphones

If you’re in the market for a pair of noise-canceling headphones, chances are you’re looking for more than just removing noise. Sure, that is a crucial consideration, but you’re also looking for headphones that sound great, match your visual style so you can wear them around in your everyday life, come with portability in mind, and connect seamlessly and efficiently to your device.
Read our headphone buying guide for more information. Learn more about noise cancellation technology including active vs. passive cancellation.

Headphones Brands We Consider

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  • Microsoft
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  • Sony
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