Superior Beats Studio Pro Wireless Headphones

Beats Studio Pro Wirless Headphones With Handsome Amount

Beats Studio Pro Wireless Headphones on top of carrying case.

Beats by Dre is back on the top with their full-featured, decidedly “flagship” Studio Pro headphones—with solid noise cancellation.

Superior Beats Studio Pro Wireless Headphones

Why We Recommend These

Beats by Dre has cemented its legacy in the over-ear headphone market, thanks to the iconic design and dynamic performance of their original Studio headphones. After a hiatus in competing with the leading active noise cancellation (ANC) brands, the Studio Pros mark a remarkable comeback, positioning Beats once again at the forefront of the industry.

  • Natural, comfortable ANC
  • Decently even response
  • Excellent portability
  • USB-C DAC functionality and seamless Apple/Android connectivity


  • Clamping force is a bit strong
  • Sound quality could be more defined
  • Softshell case isn’t as protective as harder counterparts


While not the ultimate best, the noise cancellation offered a pleasant and immersive soundstage. Unlike many premium ANC headphones that can create an uncomfortable, pressurized sensation, the Studio Pros deliver a natural experience. They may allow some transient background noise, like low conversations or car horns, to pass through, but they still provide a highly enjoyable listening experience.

Beats Studio Pro with box contents.

I was also surprised to hear the stock sound quality onboard was decidedly even, bucking the trend that Beats headphones = bass.

Testing Insight

The richness and detail is pleasing and natural for everything from Top 40 to indie folk and even podcasts and audiobooks.

Elevating the audio quality further, the Studio Pros’ USB-C port functions as both a charging input and a USB-based DAC for lossless audio on compatible computers and smart devices. This feature includes three EQ adjustments in USB-C DAC mode, allowing users to customize sound settings for enhanced bass, balanced response, and spoken word clarity.
Although the Beats Studio Pros lack the official Apple chip for AirPods-level connectivity, they are certified for both Apple and Google Fast Pair, ensuring seamless pairing with a wide range of devices.

Beats Studio Pro Wireless Headphones on top of carrying case.

The Studio Pros boast a design and feel that are instantly recognizable, paying homage to the classic Beats aesthetic beloved by early fans. While I tested the sleek black variant, the deep brown and navy blue color options are especially eye-catching.
One standout feature is the compact form factor of the Studio Pros, which fold down to one of the smallest sizes I’ve seen in modern headphones. They come with an ultra-portable neoprene pouch that, while not as protective as a hardshell case, offers superior portability.
In summary, although the Studio Pros have slightly muddier sound, less effective ANC, and a clamping force that’s not as comfortable as some competitors, their impressive wired and wireless connectivity options and excellent portability make them a strong choice for many listeners.
Endorsements from popular YouTubers like MKBHD and LTT’s Mac Address, along with recommendations from publications such as Engadget and CNET, highlight the Studio Pros’ appeal. Buyers on Amazon echo this sentiment, with nearly 6,000 customers giving them an impressive 4.5+ star rating for their design and build quality.


In summary, the Superior Beats Studio Pro Wireless Headphones emerge as a premier option in the market. Boasting an iconic design, remarkable sound quality, and cutting-edge features like a USB-based DAC and customizable EQ adjustments, they provide an unmatched listening experience. Despite minor drawbacks such as slightly reduced ANC effectiveness and clamping force, their overall performance and portability position them as a preferred choice for both audiophiles and casual users alike. Endorsements from industry leaders and positive reviews from satisfied users underscore their status as a valuable investment for those in pursuit of top-tier audio quality.

With endorsements from industry experts and glowing testimonials from satisfied users, the Superior Beats Studio Pro Wireless Headphones affirm their status as an indispensable investment for those seeking superior audio excellence.

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